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AFA (A French Affair) (8)

1 Name: AnotherBoringFrenchIdiot : 2008-12-12 15:27 ID:/fYSBiG7

First, I want to apologize for my not very good English. Second, I want you to deceide what you would do if you were me. You do not have to tell me, but I want you to think about it.

Seven months ago, I wrote a <a href="">letter</a> to a girl I've known for about three years, because I felt we could fall in love with each other very shortly, and I did not want it to happen.

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2 Name: AnotherBoringFrenchIdiot : 2008-12-12 15:30 ID:/fYSBiG7

Sorry for the link editing.

Those are the links:
Letter =

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3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-12 16:31 ID:Y8iOXzoc

Dis lui. XD

4 Name: AnotherBoringFrenchIdiot : 2008-12-12 17:10 ID:/fYSBiG7

Trop tard...

I already told her half of the story, the other half won't come because I could never see her again, just in my dreams.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-12 19:24 ID:Heaven

like >>3 says, tell her your feelings and move on.

6 Name: Yet Another French : 2008-12-13 04:59 ID:XSpko3ri

Nice writing dude. A bit slow for the fast reader, maybe. The second one is better timed so it reads better.

But whatever, I digress.

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7 Name: AnotherBoringFrenchIdiot : 2008-12-13 18:25 ID:/fYSBiG7

Of course it was not the right choice to give her the first letter. She could not understand why I wrote it. It is now too early (she is with somebody else) and yet too late (I may not see her again) to give her the other half.

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8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-15 10:29 ID:7SWMUsEx

So what happened in the end?
Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé?