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I feel horrible...I don't know what to do (8)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-14 01:48 ID:ruq8D3T5

I recently started going out with this girl, not because I genuinely liked her, but becasue I wanted to have sex with her. I know I shouldn't have done that but she's just so sexy and all my attempts at trying to hook up with her failed, and I felt like this was the only way to have sex with her. I was planning on hitting it and quitting it, but I don't think my conscience is going to let me. After spending so much time with her I've learned just how emotionally challenged she really is. She's told me about how much child abuse she went through when she was younger, how many fucked up boyfriends she's had, and how she's been raped on more than one occassion. I feel really bad for her and I want to treat her nice and take care of her, but unfortunately I just don't feel anything for her besides sympathy. As much as I want to break up with her I don't think I could because I don't want to hurt her. She's always talking about how she's really glad to be with me and tells all her friends about how much she likes me. She's just not someone I would normally get into a relationship with. Despite how pretty she is and what a great body she has, I barely even enjoy sex with her. I also find her to be very dumb and annoying. It's gotten to the point where I can't stand looking her in the eye when I'm around her. And to top it off, none of my friends like her... at all.

I want to break it off with her but I just don't know how and I don't want to hurt her. Anyone have any advice?