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Losing my virginity... (36)

36 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-12-29 21:08 ID:C+1zqwpZ

Unless it has eluded medical professionals to this day, there is no physical significance in regards to one's virginity. Even the woman's hymen isn't a surefire means by which to prove or disprove past elopement.

Virginity is a human construct, but in my mind it really does represent something. I represents the lack the EXPERIENCE of the act of sexual intercourse. I'm talking about the actual sensory data and subsequent memories derived from them.

Being able to call upon things we've done in the past like such is a big part of what we are as a species, at least in the mental arena. So there is some truth in the sense that there is a virginity, but only in the sense that you lack a certain type of data that has been present in humanity since conception.

So the question is as to whether or not you feel as if virginity is something that should be valued or revered. I will first say it is up to the individual to determine that, as there are a variety of factors that could go into why someone would want such a status, or conversely wish to be rid of it.

Personally, I see life to be a series of experiences, and sex would just happen to be one of them. You could strive to indulge in as many as possible, or merely repeat the ones you find most enjoyable.

I myself am asexual (I've never been in a relationship in the traditional sense, nor do I wish to be), and it is a very big mistake to assume any sort of boundaries within the realm of human sexuality. While I cannot verify the OP's status, it is not unknown for asexuals to lack primary attraction (physical, sexual), yet still experience secondary attraction (the romantic, cognitive aspect of human connection).

Just my two cents.