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was i making the right decision? (7)

1 Name: ursa_minor : 2009-01-02 19:04 ID:IUgGbC67

lets start from here: i was close with this girl (codename: princess cus her name literally means princess in some language) for a really long time. we're close to each other so much and we connect a lot that we're like lovers. but we never "officially" together.. the farthest we could go is being best friends. but i guess it was for the best of us, because you know how worst things can be when you break up and we cant bear losing each other.. however, due to her parent's job, she moved out to another country 2 years ago. we still talk tho..

so: about a couple months ago, im "officially" dating this new girl (codename: sweets cus her name literally means sweets in some language haha) she is really different and i have very good reasons why im dating her. i care about her so much that i believe i can say that i love her..

problem: just recently, dad finally told me that im allowed to go abroad and visit princess this summer. and cus of that.. i have been thinking.. have i been missing princess a lot that i actually date sweets to replace princess's place in my life?

i might not word this case accurately. ask me if u need more info! please help!