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was i making the right decision? (7)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-01-02 20:46 ID:nlOnxxTc

Impossible to tell from what you have told us.
However I would conclude, regardless of the lack of information, that you like 'sweets'. YOu haven't seen 'princess' in years, it is impossible that you still retain emotions for her, and actually if you did you would know. That you ask whether you do means thatyou don't in my mind.
Also, look at it this way. If you go and visit her and you both fall in love, etc., you have to move back. Relationship lasts 2 weeks or however long you stay. Relationship with sweet will last much longer if you cary it on well.
If you want however, go visit her, see if you can get sex or a kiss out of it or something material, and then go back to your real girlfriend.