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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

1 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:10 ID:a8prhhFT

Hello 4-ch. I am a semi –lurker, occasionally posting my 2 cents on advice. But I generally roamed L&R for the stories. I am always interested in hearing people stories, especially when it comes to love. Call me a softy but it is interesting to learn about a fellow person life, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. And again, I would post my little tidbits of advice in hopes the stories end up as happy ones. Occasionally there would be a happy ending but more times than not the board is filled with sadness and despair. So I figured I should post my story of love and happiness and maybe inspire others. Or at least maintain the hope that love still exist, even though it is elusive to catch.

The story begins ironically the end of my last relationship. I was seeing this girl for 6 months but started to act distant and disinterested in me and the relationship. I have dated enough and seen enough to know that she was losing interest in me and it was time to end the relationship. The weekend before finals week began I sat her down and ended the relationship. Even though I made the call, I still had feelings for her. But I knew it was pointless to keep a relationship going if I was the only one who had any investment in it.

Studying for finals helped me get her out of my mind, but still it was tough at times. At the same time, my friend, who was a graduate student at the time, was getting married to a girl he met in Michigan. So while everyone was worrying about their final exams, he had finished up his dissertation and was more or less planning the wedding and honeymoon. I remember one night studying in the computer lab I ran into him and caught him booking his honeymoon. We started to converse and he then asked me if I was attending the wedding. Honestly, before that point I had no plan on attending the wedding since it was being held in Michigan. But he stated that if I wanted to attend I was more than welcome to. He basically had an open invitation to his wedding. After careful consideration I decided to take the invitation. More so, that I had an opportunity for a road trip and adventure than for his wedding (not a big fan of weddings).

As exam time was winding down, I was discussing with friends about the wedding and the trip up there. I had arranged to go with 3 of my friends and using one of their cars. But since it was still exam time and I wanted to anything but study I decided to make the trip a bit more interesting. Taking a cue from Wedding Crashers I decided to have a challenge with my friends. The competition was simple: get girls. We had arranged a point system. The system was simple; points were award based on how far you could get with a girl on that weekend with points amount varying from 2 points for getting a phone number to 500 hundred if she got you tickets for the Pistons Eastern Conference finals game (the wedding was held on the same weekend as the Eastern Conference finals and it was in Detroit). A multiplier was added which was based on the girl’s looks on the standard 1-10 scale. We, the 3 friends, had to agree that the girl looks was not overstated with a +/- 2 level error. If you were out of that range then you had to ask the girl out on a date before the weekend was over. This was to insure that no one had bad taste that weekend. The rules were agreed upon as finals ended. We went our separate ways that summer only to meet up again in a few weeks time to head for the wedding.