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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

10 Name: OP : 2009-01-22 17:49 ID:lZGDynU2

About a week later, school started up. And we continued to talk/flirt. She would pester me how I did not know what the prize was but I would say I did and tease her about it. I would sometimes say completely random stuff just to make her laugh. But since school started back up, my ex started to try to regain my attention. I completely ignored her that summer and she was trying to reform some sort of relationship, a friendship probably. But I was so use to not talking to her I just completely ignored her attempts and ending up pissing her off. She would send her friends telling me how she really didn’t care about the relationship and how it was just nothing to her. And I would be like so? And would just walk off not giving a shit. MY girl laugh at that and my roommate would tell me how my ex would keep referring to me as “the asshole.” But honestly, I defend my actions. I stopped caring about her over the summer and her expecting me to still care was just her being naïve and silly.

At the same time, the tension between my girl and me was getting thicker and thicker. I feel like we both knew how each other felt and someone had to say something. But me the “asshole” I would just tease the issue. I would bring up the fact we flirt a lot and how we have a lot in common. I kept hinting at the thought of us being together but never explicating saying it. I was still uncertain about the long distance relationship but I was willing to commit to it if she was.

But finally about, a month into school, it came to the point where we could not hold out much longer. She was the first to snap. She told me, one evening, that she likes me, a lot and she has never felt this way about a guy before. She was just amazed how mature I was, my intelligence, my sense of humor. She loved how grounded I was, not superficial or money hungry. I told her I felt the same, she met the criteria of my perfect girl and I would be nice if we could pursue some sort of relationship. But I also told her I was hesitant about the distance and I don’t know if it would work out. I told her I am willing to give it a shot, if she was too.

She simply replied. Let’s give it a try.