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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

2 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:11 ID:a8prhhFT

But fate had other plans. The original driver had started an internship that summer and could not get off for the wedding. So literally the night before we left, we had a discussion if we could go or not. But luckily, one of us was able to obtain a car from their parents that weekend and we were able to go. Of course the new timing and all we left later than we wanted to and arrived in Detroit late afternoon/early evening. Most of the day was spent and we were tired from the trip. We joined a group from our university that had left the previous day and started to unpack. The other group told us about the bride’s bridal shower that was happening that night and how the bride’s family invited us to it. Since we were new to the town and have little knowledge of what is going on, they figured why not spend our time there. After a great debate, half of our group decided to attend the function while the other half just stayed at the hotel and rest. Naturally I decided to go because the competition already started, though one member from the party had to miss out. Another competitor decided to stay in at the hotel to rest, which I didn’t object to, more pootang for me.

We left for the hall and were greeted by friends and family. They were dressed very nice while we were semi casual and smelt like Axe and car. Regardless though, the bride’s family welcomed us to the party with open arms. We started to mingle around the room, focusing our attention on the girls. But what we professional, college and graduate students discovered that the majority of the girls there were in high school. Apparently the bride was only about 21 and had a lot of close friends that were still in high school. And those friends she had in college most were pretty immature. But despite my strong competitive nature, I decided going to jail was not worth winning. However, right before I left I met two girls who were pretty mature, seniors in college. They were not the best looking but I figured that they will know people and could introduce me to hotter girls later on.
The following two days were filled with normal wedding festivities. Lunches, rehearsals, bachelor party. The day of the actually wedding was pure insanity. So much going on and no one had no idea who was in charge. I distinctly remember dressing our friend, the groom, in the elevator of the hotel because we were running late. And despite that, we still spent 15 minutes taking pictures outside of the hotel as we were trying to leave. The wedding was nice and peaceful and not very eventful. The reception was where things got interesting.

At the hall, it was an interesting set up. The bride and groom were sitting in the middle and the bride’s friends and family were to the right of the stage. To the left of the stage was us, the groom’s friends. And as we sat there looking all nice and confused at the same time, it dawned on us why we were sitting there. As the speeches were being made, it was obvious that we, all of us sitting there were single, eligible bachelors. All of us were either in law school, business school, medical school, working professionals or soon to be professional/graduate student (aka me) and none of us had a girlfriend/wife/SO. And conviently sitting in front of us were mothers who all had daughters who were looking to marry.
Many of my friends that day were approached by mothers and were introduced to their daughters. I was upset that I was not among them, but at the same time, I was still an undergraduate with no money or future. But the women selection was much better than the bridal shower. More friends from the bride’s university showed up and more pickings there were for me. The competition was alive and I intended on winning it.