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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

3 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 06:12 ID:a8prhhFT

I went to our dining table to pick something. This is after I scouted the room and took some pictures for myself. The table filled with mothers looking for their daughters was quickly filled up wit their daughters. And as I walked by, I met the two girls I met at the shower. This is where it started to pay off. I quickly started up a conversation and soon enough this girl from the other side of the table started to butt into our conversation. My first thought was, “this girl is rude, interrupting our conversation.” Little did I know, but she was the love of my life.

She was certainly the hottest girl there. And she knew it and she wanted to make sure everyone else knew it, including me. I have handled girls like her before and to me she was nothing different. My competitiveness was already peaking and something in me told me that this girl cannot leave thinking she was the greatest thing at this wedding; I was. We started to converse and dropped jokes and was cocky as hell. The only time I showed weakness was when she introduced me to her friend, whose name was the same as my ex’s. Caught me off guard, but I soon recovered. My version of the story (we have different versions) is she was being difficult, kept giving me attitude. But I kept beating her at her own game. And I tried to leave a few times but she kept finding ways to keep me there. But eventually I was able to leave, and according ot her I was the first guy to ever do that to her. I went to take pictures, snack on some food and mingle. I had all the intention of getting her number before I left but she left before I could get the chance. According to her, I can’t remember this, she tried getting my attention twice before she left but I blew her off both times (the food was really good in my defense).
We had to leave Michigan the same day as the wedding. A bunch of us had work the next day and we could not linger around any longer. I remember changing in the parking lot and shocking old women as they left. As we drove off I was feeling mixed emotions. I had basically gotten over my ex. Random flirting and meeting other girls had me forget about her. But I was a little upset that I didn’t get that one girl’s number. But I was more pissed off that I forgotten her name. Yes, the girl who I love to death, the first time I met her, I forgotten her name. Luckily for me, I left a lasting impression on her and with facebook, she successfully stalked me.

I will end the story there for now. It is late, I am tired. I will continue the story tomorrow.