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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

34 Name: OP : 2009-02-23 05:39 ID:vHG9LV7K

After I rubbed off my sore face she stared me down for a good 5 minutes waiting for something. I was like Hi, Hey, all of the normal greetings and salutations but nothing. Finally I just leaned in and give her a kiss on the check and BOOM she was her normal “crazy” self. I grabbed her stuff and placed them in my room and after we “caught up” we went out to eat. IT was Valentine’s and all of the fancy restaurants were booked. Plus we did not have the clothes or the money to be seen in one of those places. So we went to eat a greasy, hole in the wall burgar joint and had a rain check on our “official” Valentine’s date. I had a paper to write so rather getting to the lovely dovey and the cuddling business. We grabbed a stop in the library and worked until 3am working on my paper. She helped me out a lot. I was already spent from the day before so I was glad to have a fresh pair of eyes to look over my work.

Friday, I woke up, went to class, turned in my paper and slept for the rest of the day. That night my fraternity was having a party so we went out to that. That semester I was not an active member of the fraternity so I had no idea or say on how they ran and publized anything. Turns out they did a poor job advertising the party so it was a low turnout. But me and my girl couldn’t care less. We were in the corner making out, the only ones on the dance floor and just having fun. We pretended it was a private party for us, just for us. But again it was not our official Valentine’s date.

The next morning, after only a few hours of studying, we went to Science Olympiad to help out with tournament. She emailed the organizers of the event so she was all ready signed up to help out. We showed up we went off to our respected events to proctor/judge. Every now and then we would bump into each other and of course we met up for lunch. While eating, this one kid walked by who reminded me of myself. He looked like me, chubby, cargo pants, worn out sneakers. I started to explain to her how I was that kid back in high school and I how this event was my only real thing I had. I made a lot of friends out of it, and how it was the only thing I was really good at. I won a lot of medals and made me feel good about myself. But I also explained, outside of it I was really lonely. When I went to college it persisted and actually got worse. The few friends I had all but disappeared. I was relegated to sitting in the lounge of my dorm either studying, or drawing pictures of people who were studying in there. Something about their loneness gave me a sort of a connection I was longing to obtain. After my first semester, my grades were just awful. I was really struggling with the loneness. Midway through my second semester, I have just spent most of my time on my studies and just watching people interact from various locations on campus.

But my life started to turn when I met one of my fraternity brothers. The fraternity was not that big and was service oriented. So the members of it were not the binge drinking stereotypical frat boys. They do have parties and social events but they were still hard working people. The following semester I joined the organization and my life started to refold. I had friends and I had a purpose. My grades started to pull up, and I was growing out of my shell. I became active in sports, and I even started to learn how to flirt. But one thing I forget is where I was or what I was. That is one of the reasons why I am writing this so no one has to be lonely like me.