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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

35 Name: OP : 2009-02-23 05:40 ID:vHG9LV7K

After we were done with science olympiad we were just driving around, and she randomly pops up and was like, I want some fish and chips. I knew this one spot and we headed over there and had fish and chips for 10 between the 2 of us. And across the street was a little minigolf/go-kart/arcade fun land. And we were like, we have time, fuck it lets go. So we went, played some minigolf in the chill. We tied the game. She was trash talking me every hole. She got a hole in one on 17thhole, I got one on the 19th hole.
We had a go-kart race too. They had two types single seater and two seater. I was thinking about the two seater because it will be all cute and couple like. And I was watching the race before and there was this really ugly guy with this hot chick, doing that, and it looked like their first date. And they were doing that and this one turn, he kept spinning out on the same turn. At first it was cute and they were both laughing but around the 5th time, the girl was just annoyed and the guy knew there will be no second date. At the same time, my girl was trash talking me and I have to admit I can get competitive at times. So when were buying tickets I was like, two single please and immediately hopped into the fast car I saw on the previous race. As I left the gate, the cart had some speed on it. But as I hit the first turn I realized the cart had no grip. I oversteered the turn and ended up crashing into the wall, waiting for someone to push me out. As I waited, my girl comes around, laughing, and speeds by. Finally I get pushed out when she was a half a lap ahead of me and I was in fight mood. I was driving like a maniac, bumping into cars, cutting off little kids, bumping couples on dates in attempts to pass her. Finally I caught up to her and she saw me, so she tried to cut me off. Fortunately by that time, in my kart with no grip, I mastered drifting and was able to pass her on next turn and then braked letting her bump into me. It was a beautiful move, I’m not gonna lie. As soon as I felt the bump I floored it and gave her the finger as I pulled away. I got the silent treatment after the race but it was soon lifted when I gave her a kiss. I like giving her kisses; I need every reason to kiss her. That night, all cuddled up in bed, we declared it our first Valentine’s Date. I have to admit, it was the greatest Valentine’s Day I had.

She left the next day because she had school. I dropped her off at the airport, and I was sad. My eyes wanted to tear up but seeing her all sad, I figured one of us has to be strong and comfort the other. I waited for as she past through security. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

That was our first Valentine’s. This past one was not as crazy but still special. I flew up to see her that weekend. We went ice skating, walked around, ate dinner at Greek restaurant. It was cute and lovely. I enjoyed it especially because we were hanging out like a normal couple. It felt like we were shacked up and been together for 30 years. It wasn’t the big stuff I enjoyed, but the small stuff. The random cleaning, cooking. The little talks we had, shopping for groceries. Stuff like that. Not enough to fill a story but enough to fill my heart.