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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

7 Name: OP : 2009-01-21 22:42 ID:lZGDynU2

I am sorry for leaving the story as a cliffhanger. Normally I would have pulled an all-nighter until I finished the story. I can no longer keep those college hours.

And >>6 is right. THis board is filled with a lot of negative stories and I feel like I should try to do that with my story. I am glad that it is working.


The next day, the day after the wedding, while checking my email I noticed I had a friend request in facebook. Upon checking who it was, it was her. Honestly, my first reaction was that I busted out laughing that she actually added me on facebook. Then I got a little nervous that she stalked me that far away. I quickly wrote on her wall and called her a stalker and left for work. That summer I worked in a research lab (Biochemist) at my university. My house was a stone’s throw from campus so I was a commuter. The professor I worked under was also an undergraduate advisor and was in charge of undergraduate research. I had been working with him for the past semester and we had a good relationship. So good that on Tuesdays and Fridays, rather than working I had give a presentation of undergraduate research to incoming Freshman as part of their orientation. It was suppose to be his job, but out of his good graces, he made me do it. It was not a bad deal though. Tuesdays and Fridays I would work half the day but still got paid for the whole day. I just had to give a 3, 45 minute presentation, answer a few question and then go home. But as soon as we got back my car died and I had to rely on a bus that came every 45 minutes to an hour. Plus at times my research job was just me watching a machine work meant I had a lot of free time to roam the internet and talk on IM.

At first our conversation between me and her were restricted to wall-to-wall conversation. It came to the point where she was flooding my wall and I was starting to get annoyed. Several times in this early period too, I called her out because she was being too cocky, (one time I told her that she was fishing for a compliment and freaked the hell out of her that I knew what she was thinking). A few times I asked her just to IM me and we can converse in real time rather than series of messages. But she was stubborn and wanted me to message her first. Of course I did not want to do that, but I eventually caved in and she bragged all day about that.

Aside from the bragging our first conversation was very normal. Excepted it lasted two hours. We just kept talking and talking, and I had to end it because I was going to miss my bus if I did not end it. For the next few weeks I learned a few things about her. She was my year, I was about a month older than her. She worked in a hospital, pre-med and wanted to go to medical school. I also learned she was very cocky ( I mentioned that earlier). But when I look back, I was just as cocky, probably even more so. But we both did it in a jokingly fashion. We knew our limits and we were easily humbled. She was impressed by my confidence and my independence. She kept commenting how different I was and more important how I did not care of what other people thought of me. I could care less about gossip and drama. She called me a nerd once and I told her I was proud of that fact. She also was impressed how I was not intimidated by her. She said she is crazy and I should be afraid. I simply replied, “I’m not scared, I’m crazier”

Sorry, I have to end it here. Work is over for me and I must go home now. I will update this later.