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A Simple (True) Love Story (35)

9 Name: OP : 2009-01-22 17:47 ID:lZGDynU2

We continued to talk over the summer and I found she was really interesting person. Her cockiness and bitchiness completely disappeared. She became very kind and caring and was generally interested in my well being. It is always nice to have someone care how my day was, hung up on the very little, insignificant little details of my life. Granted she did like me at this point, but I honestly felt like she was just a kind sweet person (she is actually, if you are on good terms with her. IF you wronged her she can be a complete bitch, but I am like that too). I became open to her as I did with her friend, probably even more so. I figured her motive was just to be friends. And since she was far away, there was no way she could spread my secrets among the people I know or she could harm me in anyway other than stop talking to me.

Toward the end of summer, about 2 weeks before the start of the semester, I took about a few days off work and went on a camping trip. 4 days, 3 nights of camping, hiking, whitewater rafting and spelunking. I am adventurous person, I can’t help it. I told this to my girl before I left and she got really excited. According to her, most guys where she lives are very metrosexual. They would never do anything like that, go out in the woods and get dirty. This statement supports my claim that all women want men. And being metrosexual only really flaunts your money and maybe your looks but not your masculinity. Keep that mind /l/. But during the trip, sitting around the campfire every night, we had some very interesting conversations. And naturally when a bunch of guys are hanging out, the topic of girls is brought up. We went around asking what our perfect girl is. When it came to my turn I was like, she just has to be cool, cute, caring and able to keep me entertained. And at that moment I realized my girl was the perfect girl for me. She is extremely beautiful, very chill and fun, very caring of my needs and of course our conversations that last hours obviously keeps me entertained. That night I cursed myself for liking a girl that lived to far away and liking a girl who just considered me just a friend. I can tell you it was a sad drive back.

But when I got back, I checked my facebook. I had a bunch of wall messages and private sent to me. She wrote telling how she missed me and wanted to talk to me. I started to reconsidered where I was positioned. That night I IMed her and we started to talk about my trip and what I missed in the time I was gone. During the conversation, I started to reexam the evidence. I started to look over what she said from another perspective. In the meantime, I completely lost track of the time. So what would normally be a 2-3 hour conversation lasted 9 hours. I realized it was late, is when I saw the sun rising. Never in my life I had a conversation that lasted so long with anyone. And the same deal with her too. She never had a conversation that as so long. And this was after my trip too, I was already exhausted and tired and yet I stayed up all night talking to her. I figured there is something different between us. And as I tried to leave she said she has a game she wants to play. And if can guess what it was then I get the prize. No clues, no hints. Nothing. But after I 5 minutes I figured out what it was. She liked me and the prize was her. But me being me, I told her I knew what it was and signed off and went to bed. Ball was in my court and I decided to control the situation from there, and have some fun at the same time.