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How to approach a shy girl? (42)

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-23 20:02 ID:Fq7082iG

Well guys, I did it. Walked into the library and found her again as usual, sat down at her table and just began talking. I told her my name again, and she told me hers. Think I might have said a joke or some little comment about the card but I don't really remember.

Then I started asking her stuff about various classes, what colleges she's applying to, etc, and to my delight the first school she mentioned was Le Moyne, where I've already been accepted with a scholarship and whatnot. She even laughed when I was telling her about my horrible physics teacher.

The whole time we talked she had a grin on her face. At one point there was an awkward silence and she just said "I'm really not much of a conversationalist..." and I told her I wasn't either.

To make things even better, when I asked her about hobbies she said she enjoyed reading mostly. I then told her about how I'm planning to be writer and she seemed even more interested in me.

I was a little worried that she wouldn't be as pretty as I thought seeing her up close, but she is a goddamn beauty. It really makes me wonder why I'm the only one who's noticed her, guess other guys don't like shy girls? Her voice is really nice too.

I'm in love guys, this is really it. I even thought I might have had depression before but I guess I really was just lonely, I don't think I could be fucking happier.

Which brings me to my next do I turn this situation into a relationship? I've decided to meet her in the library every morning, and also during lunches since she told me she spends her time in the library during lunch. Should I just give it a few more weeks then ask if she wants to go out with me or maybe something more creative? Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated, gotta thank you all for all the support so far.