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How to approach a shy girl? (42)

19 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-23 20:26 ID:fLfPZ6jv

>It really makes me wonder why I'm the only one who's noticed her, guess other guys don't like shy girls? Her voice is really nice too.

There's plenty of rough diamonds who go unnoticed, and are for the picking of the more attentive ones. You got lucky, no need to angst about that.

As for the follow-up, why don't you spend the next days to learn more about her? Not only her reading tastes, but what kind of activities interest her, etc (films, music, places in town, activities, etc). Try to gather enough information to know how to plan activities with her that will for sure interest her. Also, by the time you get comfortable talking to each other, you could invite her for a drink, or the cultural/age equivalent that fits your situation.