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How to approach a shy girl? (42)

29 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-08 05:24 ID:Fq7082iG

Alright, well, I was thinking she was trying to avoid me since she stopped showing up at the library in the morning, and that still may be the case, but I did get a chance to talk with her during lunch when I happened to see her at the library as I was doing some work.

So we talked about various things, like the car crash I got in recently due to an old dude that sucked at driving, then she talked about a car crash she was in when her grandma was driving. I also told her about this experiment I've been doing lately, which pretty much involves me going around and talking to random strangers know for fun, and I told her she was part of the experiment. So from now on, whenever I see her I just say "I'm here to collect some more data for the project..." I'm sure she really knows why I'm talking to her due to the whole Valentine's day thing, but I'm going to keep saying its for the experiment for a while just for fun.

She still seemed interested and smiling and everything while we were talking, but for whatever reason she still isn't coming to the library in the morning. She had work with her the one time I talked to her, maybe she really just hasn't had any work this past week...or maybe she actually couldn't get the work done when I talked to her, so she does it in an empty classroom instead.

In any case, how should I arrange to talk to her more often? I'm guessing she doesn't come to the library every lunch and I know for a fact now she doesn't come to the library in the mornings anymore. I'm thinking of asking her to come to the library in the mornings "just so I can collect some more data for the stranger experiment". Unless you guys have any better ideas I'll probably end up doing this, I'll wait to see what you guys have first though. I mean, its pretty much indirectly asking her out by indirectly telling her "we should meet in the library every day" so it just seems a little too early for me...


Thanks for the advice, and I know EXACTLY what you mean when it comes to body language, I have always been good at noticing those types of things.

Anyways, I am still unsure why exactly she stopped coming to the library or why she dyed her hair brown. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she never went to the library every day in the first place, so I think I was just being paranoid to think she was avoiding me...but eh, who knows. She could be smiling and stuff but wanting me to get the fuck out of there the whole time. I dunno, what do you guys think I should do in this situation? Ask anything else if you need to.