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1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-24 02:41 ID:0y7d9xpE

Okay...I'm a slight commitmentphobic but I think I'm in a seriously unreasonable situation here.

I recently met this really nice guy, but I'm like the first girl he's gone out with. we've known each other a couple months and have been only going out for a few weeks. And by going out I meant just a few 'dates'.

First of all, every single day I'm not in class he wants me to go somewhere with him or to come to my house. Once I told him no because I was sick and he came over any way because his mom told him to bring me stuff even though I told him a few times no and that I needed rest. His mother also already insisted on meeting me and offered me a place to stay at their house..I meant that's sweet but it's a little sudden.

When he does come over or we go somewhere, I have trouble getting him to leave or to take me home. Also, on V-Day he bought me this necklace and I'm not sure how much it's worth or anything but it made me feel a little 'obligated'. He's very shy, he only recently tried to kiss me and he's also really quiet so when we hang out it's pretty awkward and quiet.

With all that his family's putting into this, the expensive gift (maybe?), and the fact he's told me he'd be really depressed if I broke it off, I have no clue what to do. I want out but I don't know how I can do this gracefully.