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school dance (5)

1 Name: sad date : 2009-02-28 07:59 ID:EHuc0t3+

okay so. i'm gonna try make this story as un-biased as possible to get a good response...

I ask this girl i've been into for a long time to the school dance. it was tonight, got back maybe an hour ago. I usually dont dance the first hour or so because i'm nervous and it takes me a while to get into dancing. me and the girl i asked slow dance, and then the fast music comes up again and i shy away a bit. she goes off and dances with her girl friends. i then start to get more in the mood and start dancing with all my friends, and i cant find her. i'm not all that worried about it, so i just keep dancing with my friends. i find her as teh 2nd slow dance is starting to come up. but she already slow dancing with another guy. so, i'm not really liking that, but i'm not the kind to make a scene so i just go outside for the song. fast music starts up and she comes outside. i'm a little peeved at her and dont want to be around her so i go tback inside. 30min later, there's some fast music going on, and i want to dance with her. figure i'll just forget what i saw if things go well the rest of the night. i find her, and i start dancing with her. she then moved away behind a wall of people and i lost her. when i see her next she's grinding on one of her guy friends. i dotn do anything again. i just leave. later on, she needs to leave early and she's my ride so we get in the car and leave. she's talking to me, and i'm not really talking back so she asks if somethigs wrong. i tell her that i'm pissed she barely danced with me at all (1 slow dance) and went off to dance with all those other guys. she's quiet the whole ride back to my house.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-02-28 10:15 ID:sDyG6zEy

Sorry, if she already has a 3/4th boyfriend then you are a 100% just-friend now.

Dances aren't for just dancing around with your girlfriend, it's about dancing with random people and just having fun while stepping on eachother's toes.

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3 Name: Demo-man : 2009-02-28 11:48 ID:em61I0nX

Forget her. Pick someone else.

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-03 01:31 ID:lgnuSHIJ

dude. don't do the bullshit school dance. srsly. only total fags hang out at their school. unless there really is nothing going on in your town.. where I live there's a place that's been around for 15yrs that's an all ages nightclub. no booze, but you can get as high as you want and make out with girls in the corner without being watched by a dozen old ppl. surely your town has something like this going on just ask the local goths.

5 Name: H-town Stompers : 2009-03-04 18:26 ID:p19t3ddm


I kind of agree with that. This year was the first time Ive gone to a school dance in 3 years (although, its also the only one I was allowed to go to cause I get suspended all the time)

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