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1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-02 03:40 ID:GX+SalJ0

Two weeks ago we met online. After all the formalities and platitudes were out of the way we moved onto consistent (and not a second dull) emailing and from that MSN. Four days ago we had our first date – we went from bar to club to bar to bottle-o and then back to her studio where we smoked and drank and talked about stockings, being cute, Kill Bill and Poe.

Long story short we had sex. Amazing, mind blowing sex but that’s not what I care about. She’s in about every way my counterpart and I love her for the person she is, the sex was just a little on the side. Anyway she lives a good one and a half hours from me by train so when it was time for me to leave we did the whole kissing thing with our mouths and everything which was great and I really did think we’d go places.

It’s now three days since we’ve spoke and I’ve sent her the usual email and I’ve SMS’d her but she doesn’t respond. We did, in our drunken glory, throw her phone around a bit and it stopped working from what I can remember but still --- blarg.

This intermission is putting me back into whatever soft-core depressive neurosis she temporarily lifted me out of. Should I wait? What logic is behind her unresponsiveness?