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Is it wrong to want to share first romance? (3)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-13 00:02 ID:HV21t9vi

I am a 22 year old male. I have a college degree, a nice job, no debt, in good shape, a few close friends that I hardly see because of my job, and a very supportive family. I have been having a lot of anxiety lately over what I think is a big deal.

I am a virgin. All through highschool I had crushes on girls with boyfriends, I never really met anyone in college, and I've always tried to hide the fact that I've not done anything sexually and typically make up stories about girls I knew in highschool.

I want to lose my virginity to a virgin or at least have a relationship with someone who has been as reserved about dating as I have. I want to experience a loving relationship and have a yearning to share something as emotionally important as one's first sexual experience with another virgin. When I meet girls I typically just shut them out of my mind as a potential love interest as soon as any small bit of evidence arises that they may possibly not be a virgin or have had a boyfriend. As you can guess, this makes finding a relationship hard. The constant worrying has been effecting my job performance and my personal relationships with friends and family. I am starting to think that I'll be old and bald and gross and a virgin and will die alone because of my standard. I know it may sound stupid but it's something I can't shake as I have had no intimate/emotional experiences with others before.

Tell me /r9k/, is my desire as an older virgin male to be in a relationship with a virgin female about my age unfair or odd or selfish? Are there actually alot more virgin females out there than I think? How could I find someone I would be compatible with, or can you change my mind about the whole idea and help me have a brighter outlook on life? I feel like I have to get married at 22 as the older I get the less girls out there there will be that will love me.

I don't understand how emotional attachment works.