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Is it wrong to want to share first romance? (3)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-13 00:54 ID:A9b6k27T

Your standards are odd. Whether they are selfish or unfair is irrelevant. But clearly you love to create excuses to avoid having to risk contact with others.

I mean, you want to go to bed with a virgin, although a virgin may not herself want to go to bed, otherwise chances are she wouldn't be a virgin. Plus you invent stories on how you screw other girls, which means that people who value virginity will avoid you. Finally, what makes you think that people will have tried to remain virgin, just to go to bed with you?

Aside from your lack of social interaction, what exactly makes you want to sleep specifically with a virgin? Do you realize that if the girl is not a virgin, she will be better able to calm your anxieties (of which you seem to have an ample supply)? Personally I think sex with virgins sucks, never understood why it is so sought after, at least by some people.