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on a trip.. new girl (7)

1 Name: tour man : 2009-03-14 01:57 ID:N1rdAcy1

Im on a week school trip so im away frm my gf.. Appearantly, theres a girl in ths trip who resembles my gf.. We dont talk, bt i get ths feeling of wanting her company.. Usually ths girl and i r having a small convo like "hey, look at that" or "looks lile ths is a good place to stay and sitd down" or just a simple "hey" and etc

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2 Name: tour man : 2009-03-14 05:46 ID:tT+w6Wp4

update: we just had a group dinner and watched movie. during dinner, we exchanged eyes alot... and after th movies, we kinda messed around in th elevator: she kept pressing the button to open th door while i did th opposite.. and then, as cliche as it may sound, th elevator bumped a little bit and we kind of... "hugged".. uhhhh >__<

3 Name: OTL : 2009-03-14 06:33 ID:I5946sks

The best way to overcome temptation is to avoid it.

You probably want to stay away from that girl unless you absolutely have to be with her.

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4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-14 08:52 ID:AeOfLMkJ

One of the best ways to cut short your fling is to say you have a girlfriend, and tell her it's not possible. It works wonders, but I doubt you really want to do that...

5 Name: tour man : 2009-03-14 17:46 ID:tT+w6Wp4

well, i've tried.. earlier we had a walking tour and it went well as u guys said. but then later, we were left alone and had to talk.. some conversation about my glasses. and then she realized that i have not been shaving, so she said "u havent shaved? u'd look cuter if u had" and when there was a street concert, she stood next to me

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6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-17 10:08 ID:7YJJ6kwX

>>5 awwwwwwww.. maybe she's just kind.. act cool around her and chill :P u dont want her even though she reminds you of yer gf.. u want your gf, right?? u still want her, amirite??

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-17 10:24 ID:1lOfplDm

Who do you prefer? Be honest and go with them. That simple.