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[Distance-troubled relationship] Decision and confession (6)

2 Name: Mandarina Duck!68gMbgrl0k : 2009-03-14 11:12 ID:NUkJr8uv

Since the story is already long enough, I'd like to skip to this point in time wherein I am now a boy who has kept a girl as someone more than a muse for the longest time.

We met again just two weeks ago for a school dance. I took her to this balcony so we could be alone from this after-party of sorts at 12 in the morning because she said she wanted to get some air. We talked a lot. There, I confirmed something quite disappointing: she's set to leave for Europe by the end of the next college semester. I've been keeping a secret from everyone that I, too, plan to leave for the US or some other country in the soonest possible time, and I told her this. What was supposed to help us catch some air ended up getting us ridden in heavy sighing.

Brought her home at 1:43 AM (it was her who pointed that funny thing out). We embraced as we said our good-byes. We got down the car after, and quite surprisingly, she asked for another hug; I gave her the tightest one I could give, however awkward it was.