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[Distance-troubled relationship] Decision and confession (6)

3 Name: Mandarina Duck!68gMbgrl0k : 2009-03-14 11:16 ID:NUkJr8uv

Confessing doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore as we’re both leaving soon, although some boys who find her pretty are still sending their last minute poems for her.

Tl;dr: I am now stuck. My future will surely be somewhere that isn’t in this country (wish to be an architect or a designer—both occupations aren’t big where I am). Leaving the Philippines won’t be as hard as I’m not very Filipino anyway [lol], but the issue of losing all possibility of the probability of ever confessing to her and everything else that might follow has been keeping my mind off work. I might be able to follow her to Europe if I ever do plan to confess.

I am in need of your thoughts, anonymous admirers. [Also, first post, quite new to posting in imageboards, sage, tripcodes and the like, please show me around!]