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Love at Last? (Long Read, But Please Reply) (3)

1 Name: H-town Stomper : 2009-03-29 03:24 ID:sTbB2iHe

Okay, heres the deal. Theres this girl, lets name her Blue Jay. Now Ive known Blue Jay for half a year, we dated for a week, and then broke up, became friends, stopped talking, became really good friends, and Ive really gotten close to her. Shes gone out with other dudes during this time, while Im too busy making money to bother dating. Tonight, was, well a little special. I went out withh my parents (Im 17) to go grab some pizza at this CiCis near my house, and ended up asking her to come along with me. So tonight basically went like this, we had some pizza together, which she watched a TV and we talked a little bit. We went over to my house, and started to watch a movie with my parents, then we went into my garage so she could talk to someone, and I could weightlift. At first, we tried that, and then we started playfighting, and then we started dancing. I think she likes me, but I know I like her. So, we start to dance, and I get vulnerable to her. Ive never really shown anyone my true side, and I was scared to act that way with her, but I did it anyway because I felt like it was right. So we dance a little, and she wants to use my computer. While shes on the computer, I start to massage her. We didnt do anything, because shes got a boyfriend (Lets call him fruitloop, cause he kind of looks fruity). Now, I think she wants to drop fruitloop, because hes got some addictions, and I think they are going to break up.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-03-29 08:24 ID:MzhBORGh

I think you should ask her out. You are into her, and if it's reciproqual, there's no reason not to, as long as she breaks up with fruit.

She's not fruit's possession, and won't be your's either. People date together because they are interested, not because they are possessions.

3 Name: H-town Stomper : 2009-03-29 12:50 ID:sTbB2iHe

^good call^

Problem is that I just got out of being a second from crunching Fruitloops neck for saying the wrong thing about me, and we just decided to go peaceful. If I go out with her then hes going to try to get at me, and is going to get hurt, which isnt going to make Blue Jay happy. (Itd make me happy, he kind of pisses me off). So, dont know, figure, Ill get out of bed , and see how today goes.