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Help me get over her, I must find love (1)

1 Name: CreativeGuy : 2009-03-29 05:40 ID:WwjJ08LI

Hey anon. I recently broke up with a girl I've been dating for right at a year. I'll call her Gamerchan. She's the first girl who has liked me for who I am, and has not judged me. (I'm 27 years old, been in a few relationships, but never one quite this good). She's 22, so there is a bit of an age difference, with the biggest difference being that I know who I am, I've known for a long time, but she's still trying to figure herself and her life out. That's the reason we broke up, she's changed a lot and doesn't want a commitment right now. I'm ready to find my soulmate and settle down.

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