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Girl in love with Girl (14)

14 Name: me : 2009-06-09 23:02 ID:eg3tzjjV

oh holier than thou >>13

>It's pretty manipulative to make friends with someone just
>because you want to get in their pants. Granted people do this
>all the time, but it sounds worse when you suggest exploiting
>someone's trust for your own devices.

you have reading comprehension problems, please go back to school. it has nothing to do with manipulation. the truth is that people judge others, so if you tell her off the bat 'i like women, i like you' without getting to know her first, she'll likely write you off because you're not her friend and she holds no positive feelings for you. become friends first so you can figure out if you actually like her for her, and so that she's had time to get to know you and figure out if she likes you back. also, as a friend, she's less likely to tell you to fuck off and rip your heart out. and if it doesn't work out, you might still be able to remain friends, and who doesn't need more friends?

>OP personally I'd ignore this, horrible advice. Please do
>listen to and respect people's boundaries, if this girl tells
>you she is heterosexual or otherwise not interested in a
>relationship, don't consider the matter still open for
>consideration, take their word for it and move on. It's really
>shitty to ignore another persons choices and boundaries, if
>they change their minds later on fine but until that point you
>have no place considering them fair game/making any move other
>than up and up friendship.

again, reading comprehension fail. i said "if you THINK she's 'hetero'" NOT "if she says she's hetero or does not in any way, shape, or form like you, then by all means go ahead and try to get in her pants." bitch, please. of course you respect others' boundaries, but if you have nothing to work with, don't automatically assume it won't work out. it can. when you start thinking 'oh, it'll never work out blahblah' and making excuses not to try, then you're setting yourself up for failure.

you have to work with what she gives you, but bear in mind that people don't know themselves nearly as well as they think. she may say she's hetero, but has never experimented or given it any serious consideration. maybe in 10 years she will be a full-blown dyke or a bisexual, she just needed the right person to come along. i don't advocate holding a candle for self-proclaimed heterosexuals and you should never egg her on if she says no, but sexuality can be liquid.

case in point, three girls openly told me they were straight. several months down the line, they told me they liked me and/or wanted to have sex with me. i didn't try to convince them either way, that's just how it worked out. i'm not writing this here to brag or seem like a manipulative, conniving bitch. i'm writing this so you know it's possible and you don't get down and depressed from 'normal' people on the internet telling you it'll never work and there's no hope for you. anything is possible, you just have to be respectful about it.