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I think Japanese women are adorable. Is this bad? (36)

12 Name: kakoiikuroi : 2009-04-26 17:01 ID:1rGk6o6M

>>11 I'm gana give you the benifit of a doubt that you had no ill intentions, but that sounded both weak "like Japanese women are unreachable" and borderline racist "sticking to members of your own race". The bottomline is the world is mixing...and to be honest, my best guess is within the next 300 years, everyone in America will still have different features, but our tinting will all mostly be the same. There will be subtle differences, but everyone born here in America will have that American tint that folks around the world at that point in time will know Americans for.

This tint will be a mixture of Black, White, Spanish, Asian, and Middle Eastern, as those are the dominant races in our the way, the women in EVERY culture I just named are beautiful, as well as all over the world, and any man limiting himself to JUST members of his own race...well, he isn't really a man. >>11, go LIVE a little. Discover the fruits of the world. It's a beautiful place, with lots of beautiful women...and as for yellow fever...if you REALLY know anything about our culture "i'm black, white, and japanese", then you would know that yellow is far from the only shade of japanese women"