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Is it unrequitted love...? (4)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-04-15 09:27 ID:CtkeUVyb

Move on. If you don't have any perspective of living close to him in the near future, then I think it's just not worth it. You barely know each other, and you already have to endure the huge stress of a long distance relationship.

Furthermore, you have actually already broken up, so that should not even be a question anymore. You said you decided to focus on studies, then you need to assume that, and not think that there is some kind of safety net in an hypothetical long distance relationship. When you are really ready for a relationship, then go for it, but someone actually accessible to you.

Of course, nothing prevents you from traveling with him and other people as FRIENDS. However, I'm not sure you are ready to stomach that, so I think you should think again about it...