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How can i get out more. (3)

1 Name: Shut-in : 2009-04-16 01:23 ID:dEPuJg2a

I really want to get out more because all I do is stay in my house all the time, any advice on what I should do to get out more. My friends seem only interested in football which I dont like but they are still nice people, Should I go out with them more or any other ways?

2 Name: Scotland : 2009-04-16 01:36 ID:UsnfJwIL

make your own plans, and see if you can get a group 2gether for it...
like the cinemas, bowling, eatting and basically talking/ hanging.
go drinking together by asking when they are free for it
see if you have a free house...

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3 Name: Shut-in : 2009-04-16 01:44 ID:dEPuJg2a

Thanks, I really think that has helped, I never thought of doing things like that. I think I'll have to arrange cinema or bowling soon. For the other stuff, the time will come for that soon I hope. There is a girl I have met but is on holiday atm, just waiting for her to come back so I'll have someone who enjoys the things I like aswell to talk to, I feel I may just be in love with her as well. But time will surely tell.