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How do I fix it? (1)

1 Name: Deft : 2009-04-20 22:56 ID:kRjtBpO+

I am crazy in love with this girl. We had dated for 6 months. I recently joined the Air Force. After leaving for boot camp, things started to get bumpy, mainly from her side. She messed up once, and I forgave her and stayed with her through it, trying to get over the break in trust.

One of those things she did to make up for breaking my trust was remove some less conservative pictures from her myspace. Just a couple days ago, she put them back up. When I asked her why, she said she could put them up and she wasn't going to take them down... So I got into her account and hid them.

Now I'm here, and she is making us be friends with a possibility to become more, maybe. My thought is if she wants to be with me, really cares for me like she has said countless times, can't she and I work it out together?

I need ideas to show her that I've changed, that I'm what she wants me to be, because I am. I learned not to be so controlling and trying to restrict her life... But she's putting me through this...