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What can I do to flirt successfully with women (18)

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-06-30 22:48 ID:f79TRgN4

Well, honsestly, you have to try being nice, compliments never hurt, not to many at least, and once you think one topic is too drawn out, or she does, try to change topics.

Let's say you meet a girl in a sports store. Obviously she's single by the ways she's shopping around the girls stuff, or yadda yadda. Then you talk about whatever sport thing is in her hand. Say, a pink basket ball. Ask her if she likes basket ball, and just start talking. Then, to other sports. Then to other things. Just try to bring other things up. Girls don't expect boys to know everything immediately!!!

As a fellow girl, I know some topics can be a bit annoying after a while, a change is always good.

<3 Hope it helped!! ^,^

Go get `em tiger!!! =^,^=