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What can I do to flirt successfully with women (18)

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-07-03 05:06 ID:QDwPa8F1

>i get this 'stalling' we're just talking about the stuff and once the 'topic' has run it's course it's back to square one.

A topic of common interest is a nice opening, because it gives you time to find useful information about the other person. But it can only do so much. You have to use that window of opportunity to advance the relationship, and not simply stagnate and exhaust the topic. The common interest will be regularly useful in a relationship, but of course it can't be the only resource you use to further your relationship.

So next time, while you are using a common interest to have a opening conversation, get to know important information like what does your person of interest does during leisure time, favorite music, films, etc, what are her other centers of interest, what is the structure of her family, and circle of friends, etc. All this will be useful to create yourself new chances of doing things with her. It's impossible to run out of conversation topics with someone you just met.