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opinion cheating! (7)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-05-26 17:11 ID:4eNm1/xO

Hi all,

So a friend of mine got herself a bf.
butt.. he's in the army so she's only able to see him in the weekend.

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2 Name: Otakun : 2009-05-26 17:54 ID:c43I02x4

Cheating is a no no in all ways unless the couple has agreed on an open relationship. I find more beauty in a woman waiting for the man to return to her like in Homer's Odyssey, but if she really can't she should end it right there. Spare the guy of finding out that she's cheating

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-05-26 18:23 ID:4eNm1/xO

hmm I agree it's more romantic if she waits for him to return,

was wanting to try and discuss more about cheating itself and not particular this situation.

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4 Name: 43 : 2009-05-26 20:37 ID:zqqwqjhp


This, except for the odyssey and the beauty of waiting women.

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5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-05-26 21:39 ID:7Wjy1TTc

>he's in the army so she's only able to see him in the weekend.

Seriously? Not seeing him during the week is enough to make her so desperate? Can't imagine how it will be when he's deployed somewhere...

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6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-05-27 16:29 ID:4eNm1/xO


suppose not. even though sometimes people just need a hug I think.

7 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-05-27 18:26 ID:tqqsuHK0

Simple: Love wasn't strong enough for them, to each other.