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1 Name: None : 2009-06-21 11:57 ID:htdP5QME

So I am a geek of epic proportions. I have no real problem interacting with people but having said that iv never had a proper girlfriend. If this is because I'm not exactly very good looking or because I do not try alot with girls i dono but thats that.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-06-21 18:50 ID:5PeYz4t+

i always fuck talking part up..
but ive given up already..
cba with being not weird!

3 Name: Mu : 2009-06-21 22:31 ID:cmaBadOC

Quit being a coward. It doesn't matter how you talk to her, but how you act around her. You don't have to kiss her or declare your love to show you're interested.

Just be nice. Tell her she looks great when you go out, open the door for her. You know, be a GUY. I'm sure she'll know.

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-06-22 16:43 ID:hSmn0lUk

The best way of not screwing up is to pay attention to what she's telling, and try to understand what she likes, and what she dislikes. Very quickly you'll understand your girl's do and don't.

As for her, as long as you can show her that you're interested in her, it should be fine. Just don't screw it up by being too afraid of doing things wrong. Even mistakes can be corrected. But running away can't.

5 Name: some : 2009-06-23 01:38 ID:pryQrVMQ

Hey, she liked you enough as you are to ask you out, so just act normally.
Once you are close, you'll be more relaxed and suave!

6 Name: rhyelee : 2009-06-23 03:01 ID:c4YHcD3x

she asked you out because she likes you. don't think about how to act, be natural.
It'd be good to treat her a bit more specially than other girls (hold her hand, hug her, etc.) so she doesn't get jealous or anything. :)

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