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I'm screwed. (7)

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-06-23 17:38 ID:+jQpZTZL

OP here, thank you everyone for replying.

I did some more research about my stream...I'm now convinced it sucks and I know I need to try everything to get out of it. Apparently the University aren't very receptive to such requests but I'll try anyway.

It's rubbish there aren't the same amount of people in each stream. I got put in a schedule called the "off-stream" by students for a reason - I'll be studying while everyone else will be off working!

In the event that I can't change my situation, I'll have to consider transferring out the next year and somehow getting myself put with all the freshman again. Having to start at a new Uni from second year would probably be just as bad as staying at the old place.