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i dont know what the hell to do (3)

1 Name: cain : 2009-07-15 01:09 ID:ZQrpH8Xn

okay so i like this girl and she is gonna be a sophmore next year..i am gonna be a senior. but here is the thing. this girl has... a wierd problem you could say. she understands the meaning of love,happines ect but she cannot feel them. and plus she can read your emotions without you even expressing it. which is amazing!!! she is extremly shy and really quiet. think...hinata..(sorry for the refrence). and i really love her. like shes so diffrent from anyone else i have ever loved. and from a sophmore she uses metaphores that even adults wouldnt understand.. she is more mature than alot of people i know. 17 and she is 14... i dont know if thats bad or not but.. we are really good friends.. and it seems like she shows intrest but i cant really tell..any help?

2 Name: cain : 2009-07-15 01:24 ID:ZQrpH8Xn

and when i say intrest i some thought i guess. she said that ever since i met her she has changed. i have spent like half a year helping her and i think that it might have worked but im not really sure. good thing though...i make her laugh...alot! but i think that its just baseless laughter. and i make her blush...really bad.. which is cool. but to explain it better she can feel emotion but i forgot to really say it better she cant feel INTENSE emotion.....

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-07-15 05:48 ID:hw+3Zi8r

I don't see the problem. Being 3 years apart is not such a big deal, don't sweat over it.

As for her not being able to feel intense emotions, don't worry too much about it. Maybe she's just the slow type, who needs time to grow and develop her emotions. She probably has lots of filters in place for her own protection, but as your relationship matures and she gains confidence in it, she will be able to remove them.

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