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The porn he looks at is drastically different from what I'm like-- do I have a chance? (21)

10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-09-27 22:55 ID:LI+yXj/J

You are overreacting.

Not only is this most likely of no consequence, you should understand that the average bust size of women in porn is much higher than in the real world. Of those not naturally busty, most get breast implants to further their career. Yes, men with a specific preference for large breasts outweigh those that have a specific preference for small breasts and there are many more that are in no way picky. But this also means pornography follows the laws of supply and demand. So if you checked again throughout that website, you'd most likely find only a select few small breasted women.

What this all means is that his top ten is of no consequence.