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The porn he looks at is drastically different from what I'm like-- do I have a chance? (21)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-09-26 07:48 ID:pe0Zjv8O


My plan is such: when he gives his gift to me, I'll thank him and lean over and hug him, and before I pull away, I can lightly kiss him on the side of the face. It seems like an innocent way to thank him and it seems like the least risky way that I could kiss him, having a good excuse for it. Hopefully, if he doesn't mind it, it could become a tradition like the hugging. Or, maybe it will lead to more. That or it could be awkward as all hell and make me wish I hadn't done it.

Tonight, however, my confidence was dealt a devastating blow by something I can't control, and I need to know if I'm overreacting. He accidentally left a notebook behind at work one night and asked me to pick it up for him while I was there and hold on to it for him (we work on different shifts at the same place). I did so, and even though I knew what I was doing was wrong, I looked through the entire thing, cover to cover without his consent.

He likes making lists, and in it are lists of benign things like his favorite television series, his favorite comic books, and his favorite 80s bands. One list caught my eye because it had the names of women listed from 1-10. It was titled "Top [Company Name] Models." By Googling the the company, I quickly found that they were all models on the same pay-porn site. They all share another common trait: they've all got HUGE BOOBS. Like, Gs and Es and DDDs. And the higher up on the list they rank, the bigger their bust.