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How does one attract someone without coming off as gross and persistent? (23)

12 Name: SomeoneStuck : 2009-10-22 02:12 ID:ag/YlmT2

I can definitely see why ignoring him would be a bad idea now, actually. I guess I was just wondering if it actually worked, but it seems kind of stupid now in retrospect... I wonder why hurting someone seems to be the best way to get their attention for some of us?

Thank you both for your replies and kind advice. I seriously appreciate your help here.

I haven't seen him at the bus stop (I guess I'm not coming late enough haha) but! I wanted to update here. After no contact since last Sunday, he shot me an email this morning asking me to lunch either today or tomorrow, and then said if I can't make it I should suggest a new date next week.

As I'm not free tomorrow, I guess today lunch would make sense (despite how random and sudden it is) but I have to admit, I really don't look my best today. How was I supposed to know he'd ask me to lunch today of all days?? D:

I'll update again soon!