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How does one attract someone without coming off as gross and persistent? (23)

7 Name: SomeoneStuck : 2009-10-18 13:23 ID:LiflOkj4

I didn't really think about that, whether he had a huge project going on or not... I have heard that guys appreciate it when a girl says they understand how busy they are (especially when it's true I suppose?). Thanks for providing me with a better reason for his sudden MIA-ness.

Oh dear... so I really was contacting him a little too much, right? You make sense, both of you posters, about trying to give him more space since he's busy.

I guess the problem is more like, if he's really really busy, that's fine. I don't mind giving him space for that because heck, it's not like I've never been busy either. I worry a lot that I messed up somewhere, and that's turned him off, though... or maybe, he's waiting for me to contact him again to gauge just how interested I am? That's probably not it, but having little to no experience with males in general, I'm so lost!! Aiii... I sometimes wonder if I'm just accustomed to assuming the problem is me.

As a brief update, I did see him today at the social gathering. Since there were lots of us, whenever we spoke it was always something very generic or just some teasing remarks made to amuse everyone on a whole.

Here's a short exchange we had, for your reference (everyone at the table was quiet and listening, so it wasn't exactly a personal conversation): he asked me where some dude was, and I told him the dude was sick.
Him: Damn, is it swine flu?
Me: You have an awfully strange obsession with that. (Note: he asks this question whenever anyone is absent.)
Him: Well, I'm worried I'll get it!
Me: Didn't you say the other day that you wanted to get swine flu just so you could have the excuse to not go to work?
Him: Hahaha, well, I can't afford to not go to work these days.
Me: Aww man. Do you have to go to the office today?
Him: Well, I'll see how it goes.

I guess he really puts a lot of emphasis on how busy he is... so I never mentioned the text or anything to him, and later on, he left early and went home because he was tired, apparently.

So I guess the best course of action is to just sit tight and wait this week, right? No need to nudge him or anything?

By the way, thanks so much for the replies, guys. It's really helped me and I really feel better about myself for not mentioning the text or whatever to him. Knowing somehow that there was a general consensus not to bother him about it made me a lot less lame today. :)