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How does one attract someone without coming off as gross and persistent? (23)

9 Name: SomeoneStuck : 2009-10-19 15:50 ID:sZdrtqty

Thanks for your comments and advice! :D Your positive note was actually very uplifting. Thanks for that muchas. :)

I'm keeping quiet and not doing anything for the moment. Just a few things I thought I'd like to ask opinions on...

1) Someone else suggested I ignore him when I actually see him in person - not on purpose, but just pay more attention to other male friends in the social gathering. Do you guys have an opinion as to whether this is a good idea or not? (This is not to say whether I actually would do it, just wanna see opinions on this tactic. Any experiences as to whether it worked or backfired?)

2) I was thinking of going to bus stop just 10 minutes or so later than usual in order to 'accidentally' (maybe) bump into him at the bus stop in the mornings. I might be only just on time to work instead of getting there 15 minutes earlier like I usually do, but I wonder if it'd be effective to at least briefly see him in person every now and then to remind him I exist. It's not much - he gets on the bus I get off, so all we'd do is exchange greetings. Is that really going over the top though? If you were the guy, would you see right through me?

Thanks loads already for the advice given on this thread, I really appreciate it. :)