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I am in love with this girl (12)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-10-23 15:17 ID:5axUOWmd

>i ask 4 her yahoo yesterday so we can chat. i was so happy at first when she add me so we can talk to each other but she is never online or it she being invisible to me.

You seem to be pretty impatient... It's remarkable that she agreed so fast to chat with you, but if you already start going paranoid 24 hours after having her contact, things will go sour for sure. Be more patient. If after a few days you never see her online, then just ask her what are her habits on that topic, and adjust accordingly.

>i ask her many time the reason but she won't say. is she playing hard to get oh i am so depress.

You already asked her many times after 24 hours? Is this for real? Do you realize that what you are doing is very irritating to her? Please take some moments to cool down and reflect on your behavior. You seem to be doing everything needed to make her hate you real fast.

>my life is so hopeless s and i know that i should properly find other girl but not after she help me from getting expel from school i fall in love with her kindness.

This is so confusing: how come she helped you from getting expelled from school without you having talked to her? Your story is full of inconsistencies, from an external point of you it looks like you are fabricating a good chunk of it. So if you really want to find some productive help here please take the time to properly explain your story. When did you meet, how come she helped you, since when have you been talking to each other, etc. Explain things as they happened, don't obscure or beautify them, that's the best way to get people to lose interest in you and your story.