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Limerence (6)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2009-12-17 20:49 ID:WzITy9ly

How many of you can relate to this article?

I myself am shocked by its accuracy. One time I allowed myself to become obsessed with a girl for WAY too long time - about two years - without having guts to do anything. I had all the symptoms - constant thinking, endlessly analyzing every detail, fantasies and dreams, games; even failing to accept a direct rejection (I managed to convince myself that she will change her mind). Only after a long, long recovery it became apparent to me how horribly unhealthy it was for my mind. And still the sight of her has some power over me.

But... later, when I met another girl I really started to like, I found myself in the same situation. I managed to... well, screw up things quite badly, but at least did it faster this time.

This is clearly a problem. Why is it that every time I become interested in a girl, it quickly turns into an obsession? I stop thinking straight even before I start to know her well... last time all it took was a short conversation and a look into her eyes, then she slowly started to fill all my thoughts.

This may be a stupid post about "why isn't love more rational", but I think what I experience (and what I convince myself of) is very unhealthy. The fact that I have absolutely no fucking clue how to proceed in such cases probably doesn't help, but anyway it wouldn't hurt to be a little more detached.

Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone succesfully overcoming it?