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omg! I'm in love with an Otaku. (16)

10 Name: Otaku's girlfirend : 2010-01-12 08:44 ID:I9uUV3Xa

I'm back with a new update. I took the advice that you guys have given me, I actually surfed the net and got a cosplay outfit from one of his favorite anime shows >< I waited for him to come home....I thought he was going to be home early..but I ended up waiting for 2 hours hehe. Anyway, I'd never been so nervous. ( and when im nervous I tend to want to clean things...takes away the stress)
And that's how me found me >< I was bending down, and i didn't even hear when he got home. He'd been standing in the entrance just staring at me , in a cosplay outfit...

.......... then he started to laugh !!!! I was so embarrassed ><

Instead of turning him on..I made a fool of myself, TOTAL FAILURE! =( I honestly wanted to cry.

But at least he now knows that I'm willing to try to understand this side of him

We'll just see how it goes from here.