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omg! I'm in love with an Otaku. (16)

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-01-14 04:48 ID:qCKHYz4Q

My No BS Assessment:

Men need porn. They do. Even if you fucked him three times a day and six times on sunday, he'd still need porn. I hate to say this on a friendly, family-type board but...

guys just gotta jerk off. You don't know what it's like. A hard day at work, the world gnawing at your ass, everyone trying to jump your shit, and people not cutting you slack...

Damon Wayans said it best in a stand-up bit: Some days you just gotta jerk off. Any man that can still get his dick up jerks off. The only men in this world who don't jerk off are amputees and goddamned liars.

It's not personal, it reflects no deficiency on your end(not saying you may NOT be deficient; you very well could be, but this is unrelated). I mean, I jack off to lots of stuff. Porn, anime porn, porn games, day on a business trip, I honest to Christ jacked off to k-mart underwear ad. And they didn't even have female models. It's just visual stimulus to get a man going. Don't sweat it.

Jacking off, is pretty much guilt free, worry free, no frills means of getting the rocks off. No concerns about foreplay or talking to people or anything. Just a man, his dominant hand, and his dick.

When you get older, you'll understand.