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A Surprise Attack! How Should I Handle This? (8)

1 Name: orange shirt guy : 2010-02-26 09:21 ID:2Oy8OYkG

So something really interesting and surprising happened to me the other night. I probably wasn't hallucinating it’s just I'm still surprised at what happened. This pretty much never happens to me. Anyway to the story I almost always go to eat at one of the dining commons near my dorm at college every night to have a snack I walk in get my food sit down and enjoy delicious food... alone like always.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-02-26 17:09 ID:Walk/hy4

Odds are, you almost became the victim of a prank. I'd say leave it be and move on.

3 Name: orange shirt guy : 2010-02-26 18:44 ID:2Oy8OYkG

Yeah I suppose so. It's just the guy was very sincere like he wasn't smiling or anything he had this serious expression on and the group of people he was sitting with weren't laughing or giggling either in fact after the guy talked to me they pretty much ignored me. Also the people that work there seem more friendly towards me than before. Still it might just all be in my head. There isn't much I can do and it still could be a prank... oh well

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-02-27 00:21 ID:Walk/hy4


>>Still it might just all be in my head.
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5 Name: orange shirt guy : 2010-02-27 00:59 ID:2Oy8OYkG

I know what you mean I think but it seemed like the black guy worked there, I think I saw him working in the kitchen there last night, maybe he overheard the girl saying something and thought that it would be a good idea for me to talk to her thats the impression I got. It wasn't like she asked him to say something because he said it was none of his business. He didn't give her name out he just told me where she lived which is wierd you're right is no way of knowing for sure. oh well college life is wierd. Thanks for the reality check though sometimes I get too caught up in these thoughts.

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-02-27 16:15 ID:jRp2e7yZ


7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-02-27 16:19 ID:jRp2e7yZ

A shy person, maybe. If I didn't know a guy personally there is no way I would tell him I liked him to his face, and if you don't know someone it can be hard to think of other excuses to talk to them. It is a childish way to go about things, but I see people do that kind of thing all the time, and it works usually.

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8 Name: orange shirt guy : 2010-02-27 23:24 ID:2Oy8OYkG

thanks I'll try it I'm not very good at that sort of thing but it shouldn't be too bad. In any case I'm planning on going to the same dining commons at the same time on the same day and hopefully I'll see him then. There are a lot of people at my campus so the chances of me seeing him randomly are pretty small. If I don't see him she'll probably be working there and maybe I can either figure out who it is or hopefully she'll try and talk to me I guess those are my only options at this point.