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Need Your Help On Dating (2)

2 Name: Clueless : 2010-02-28 04:58 ID:qlEPNkUU

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I'm new to this online dating business. I've never done this before so it's completely new territory for me.
Anyways, here is my story of a hopefully good story. I've made contact with this wonderful woman who is about 6 years younger than me. I'm 27. She seems really mature and we are hitting it off in the few chat sessions on yahoo im. I really like her because of her personality and I think it's exactly what I've been looking for. Now, for some reason, she usually just talks to me while she has been at work. She has entered some sort of modeling contest and is working there late everyday.
Well, the weekend is almost over and I was wondering what should I do? Should I continue talking to her everyday? Or should I just send some emails during the weekdays?
She currently lives in Hawaii and I am in San Diego. I'm hoping to get this off to a right start and am looking to making this long distance relationship work. But the problem is, I don't wanna look desperate nor do I wanna rush things. I think I've learned that much from my past experiences.
She has been in only 2 serious relationships and does not date a lot. She is not into fooling around and neither am I. I guess you could say she is pretty pure? I don't know, this is just the vibe I'm getting.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, what should I do now? This is sort of a critical period where everything sort of works or fails. If I am to write to her, what the heck am I supposed to write? When should I ask for her phone so we can talk on the phone?
Please help. If there is not enough information, please please tell me so I can get that info or put it out there.