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My parents don't approve my girlfriend (11)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-03 06:50 ID:wUkh3p76

my girlfriend and me have been dating for a year and our relationship was pretty good until we hit the parents issue. I went over to meet her parents last month and her parents were quite supportive of our relationship.however,when we came to my parents' house last friday the experience wasnt as good for her. my father had a talk with me last night basically stressed
some issues to me.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-04 05:43 ID:kNHSKyG1

I don't think there is anything that can be done about your parents. Sorry if that's not helpful, but I cannot see how you could change them. It seems they will either have to accept your choice or just back off.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-05 01:31 ID:8uUorzDW

I never brought any of my girlfriends to my house for fear the same thing would happen to me however I have given this a lot of thought since I figured I would have to eventually bring her over.

  1. The whole cuddling hugging thing was definitly a bad move on your part you aren't supposed to bring your girlfriend over for the first time and act like that especially in front of your parents
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4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-05 04:43 ID:OXZTtVBc

No one wants unattractive grandkids. You folks might feel you're too good for her, but i don't know of any parent whose ever been convinced their children are ugly.

As far as the rings go, take it off around them and don't wear it on the wedding band finger.

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5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-05-10 07:10 ID:SoktUcrc

sounds cruel, but leave it to your gf. it really is up to her now

6 Name: Spirit of Ma'at : 2010-06-10 11:58 ID:BGFTH6pY

Think for yourself. ~ Life is yours to design! ...Unless... your HOME is your parents' House - then it would be polite to respect "the rules" of your parents' house.

If you live elsewhere (as an adult) then you do not have to allow your parents to diminish your freedom-to-choose (any relationship, or) anything at all.

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7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-07-31 23:17 ID:JW+x08DN

>here's some of the issues my parents stressed to me:
>she's not very good looking.

What the hell?

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8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2011-08-25 09:03 ID:AYVTD6VZ

After dating for a year... who CARES what your folks say! Your relationship doesn't have to Live in that house.

If you want Freedom of Choice and the Freedom to Pursue Happiness, then... (you & your girl should) Aquire your Own Home (together).

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9 Name: Jennifer Stroopwafel : 2012-07-25 16:00 ID:unO1fvAE

I found they’re producing a television show about this topic, and they’re still looking for participants. Seems pretty interesting…

10 Name: yhtfugi : 2012-07-31 21:05 ID:gH7WnbO6

11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2012-08-03 17:45 ID:RZnm4mZL

Your parents are being very shallow. 1, about appearance; 2, unfounded assumptions; 3, they're probably just creeped out that their kid is acting like an adult.

If you're an adult, your parents shouldn't dictate your life. Don't care what they say if it's not worth it.

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