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Seems like a way to avoid me, what do you think? (4)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2010-06-22 20:13 ID:S1OFXSEI

So I was talking to this girl on Facebook for a few days. I'll call her Susie. She seemed pretty interested and I asked if she wanted to hang out sometime. We decided on Monday to go to a restaurant on the river. She asked if it was alright if her friend and her friend's boyfriend could go with us. I said that was fine.

So Monday came, and we talked pretty normally. It was a bit awkward because it was our first time hanging out in person. After the restaurant, the four of us went to a park and walked and talked. We walked down a path which lead to the river and we all sat there and just talked and hung out. The idea of going swimming came up, and I said I just wasn't feeling it, plus I didn't have my shorts. They said that's fine and they cancelled that idea. Her friend and her friend's boyfriend wanted to have a picture together, so Susie took it for them. My dad ended up calling me and I had to walk him through installing some software on his computer. During the phone call, they motioned that they were leaving, so I had to get up and start walking in their direction while talking on the phone with my dad still. Once we walked up the path, I eventually ended the call, and Susie told me she was going to drop off her friends and call it a night. So I said that's fine, and she talked to me as if she had a really fun time as we were leaving. So after that, I said "Well hey, text me later okay?"

I never got a text later that night, and not today either. When I got on Facebook today, I saw the picture she took of her friends posted on the news feed, and everybody did the usual of commenting on how pretty it was. I saw Susie's comment said "Sorry I had to take it at a weird angle, dude would have been in the background" as if I'm not important or something. I think they did go swimming, they just said they were calling it a night as a way to cut me out and do what they wanted. I mean, I know it's not my business, but they kind of sliced me out of there and they she refers to me as if I'm unimportant. It makes you feel like crap kind of.

I don't even think this is the girl for me, but I guess things like this happen. She's one of those big drinkers who party downtown with random strangers and makes jokes about pregnancy and sex all the time. I got that from the first time hanging out with her and her friends.

Do you guys think she's blowing me off?